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Are There Any AppleCare Alternatives When Buying A Mac?


Do you recommend any alternatives to AppleCare when making a Mac purchase?
- Asked by Dennis A. September 27th, 2011


AppleCare will extend the warranty of a Mac from one year to three years at a price that usually runs in the hundreds of dollars. If you're not interested in spending that much on an extended warranty, one alternative is to purchase a Mac using an American Express card.

If you use an AMEX card when you buy a Mac, American Express will add an additional one year warranty to the Mac - giving you a total of two years of coverage (AppleCare only provides three years) essentially for free. To use the warranty, just call the number on the back of your AMEX card to start the claim process.

If you don't have American Express, use this credit card finder to get a no fee American Express card.