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Can I Pin My Dock To A Corner In OS X Mavericks?


How do I move my dock so it's pinned to a corner instead of the middle of the screen?
- Asked by JP A. January 17th, 2014


Launch the Terminal app on your Mac (it's inside Applications > Utilities). If you have a vertical dock and would like it pinned on the top corner or a horizontal dock pinned to the left corner, type the following command and press enter:

defaults write pinning -string start

If you want a vertical dock pinned to the bottom corner or a horizontal dock pinned to the right corner, use the following and hit enter:

defaults write pinning -string end

After entering one of those commands, restart the dock with the following command:

killall Dock

At any point you can get your dock back to its original position with this command:

defaults write pinning -string middle

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