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Can You Explain The Difference Between The New iPad And The iPad 2?


What's the difference between the new iPad and the iPad 2?
- Asked by Donald L. March 9th, 2012


The most noticeable difference between the new iPad and the iPad 2 is the high-resolution Retina display. The 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution is twice that of the iPad 2, resulting in a much clearer and crisper image.

The new iPad has an upgrade back and front camera. The iPad 2 back camera took photos at 0.7MP compared to 5MP for the new iPad. The new iPad also shoots video at 1080p, an increase over the 720p found in its predecessor.

The new iPad features a faster processor. It's also capable of faster download speeds with 4G connectivity compared to the 3G in the iPad 2.