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Does iMac Come With iLife?


I'm looking at getting the 21 inch iMac and want to know if I'll need to buy iLife separately? I want to use it.
- Asked by Thomas P. October 6th, 2010 (Updated: December 17th, 2010)


Yes, the iMac comes with the newest version of iLife, iLife '11.

What is iLife '11?

You can read a full description elsewhere, but in short, iLife is a fun productivity suite. It inclues iPhoto, which organizes, edits, and tags your photographs, iMovie, which lets you watch and edit movies, GarageBand, which allows you to record and edit amazing sound, and iWeb and iDVD, which lets you publish to the web and DVD with professional quality. Your new iMac will come bundled with the full iLife suite, free of charge.