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Does iPod Touch Have A Camera?


I was thinking about getting an iPod Touch but wanted to know what it does. Does it have a camera?
- Asked by Gerald L. October 6th, 2010


The iPod touch released in September 2010 includes not just one camera, but two. That cool functionality pairs with the iPod's well-known web surfing, gaming, and media capabilities.

This camera allows you to do a lot of cool things, including:

1. FaceTime- You can now seamlessly video chat with anybody who has an iPod or iPhone over a wifi network. The front and back facing camera allow you to film amazing video all from your iPod touch.
2. HD Video Recording and Editing- On your iPod touch, you can film a high definition video and edit it right on the device. You'll love the quality and ease of use.
3. Photos- Your iPod touch is a photographer's best friend, wherever you are.

Most users focus on FaceTime and HD Video as the highlights of the iPod touch's new camera.