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Does The MacBook Pro Have A Webcam?


I want to call my mom using video chat but don't know if I need to buy a webcam. If I get a MacBook Pro, does it have a webcam?
- Asked by Darryl P. October 10th, 2010



The MacBook Pro has a built-in webcam.

The built-in iSight camera is nearly invisible at the top of each MacBook Pro. It easily integrates with a host of applications, from Skype for video chat, iChat for more video fun, and Photo Booth for funky photos. You can make an iMovie without ever leaving your computer. Since the iSight camera is built into your computer, integration is seamless and you won't waste time installing software or dealing with technical difficulties.

The iSight camera has become standard in Mac laptops- in the laptop line, you'll find a camera built-in on the MacBook and MacBook Air as well as the MacBook Pro.