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How Can I Get Apple's Black Friday Prices All Year Long?


How do I find deals like Apple's Black Friday prices year around?
- Asked by Jeff A. December 1st, 2011


Many consumers were excited about and participated in Apple's Black Friday sale, but the great thing for Mac fans is that you can get those same prices and deals (often times better) every day of the year! Authorized Apple Resellers (like, MacMall, etc.) always have discounted Mac prices and you can compare prices from every reseller at App Sliced to find the lowest price online.

Some folks think that the cheapest route is Apple's refurb store or the Apple education discount, but Apple Authorized Resellers are safe, endorsed by Apple, and often have additional incentives (free software, memory or AppleCare deals, etc.). They are priced well below the Apple Store all year long, do not have supply issues like the refurb store, and often let consumers bypass sales tax charges. That can result in a huge savings over the Apple Store.