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How Can I Tell If I Have A Multi-Touch Trackpad?


How do I know if my trackpad can perform multi-touch gestures?
- Asked by Jorge A. September 16th, 2011 (Updated: September 19th, 2011)


There are two types of multi-touch trackpads - trackpads with a separate button and trackpads with a built-in button.

The following support multi-touch gestures with a separate button:

  • MacBook Air, original to mid 2009
  • MacBook Pro 15 inch, early 2008
  • MacBook Pro 17 inch, early 2008

The following support multi-touch gestures with a built-in button:

  • MacBook, late 2009 and later
  • MacBook Air, late 2010 and later
  • MacBook Pro, late 2008 and later

If you are not sure about which Mac model you have, watch the following video to Find Your Mac Model Identifier. Once you have the Model Identifier, go to App Sliced Memory, click on the category that your Mac belongs to, and then you will see a list of the model identifiers along with their release dates.