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How Do I Backup My iPhone?


How can I back up my iPhone and iPad?
- Asked by Eric R. May 15th, 2018


There are two ways to backup an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It's recommended to backup your iOS device on a regular basis and especially before updating your iPhone or taking it to the Genius Bar for service.

The first method involves backing up with iCloud.

Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to a Wi-Fi network. It's also a good idea to be plugged into a power outlet as well. Launch the Settings app, tap on your name at the top of the Settings app, and then tap on iCloud.

From within the iCloud settings, scroll down and top on iCloud Backup. This screen will show when your iPhone or iPad was last backed up to iCloud as well as a Back Up Now option. Tap that button to initiate the backup process. There is also a toggle to enable automatic backups to iCloud.

The second method requires backing up with iTunes on your Mac.

Launch iTunes from the Applications folder and connect your iPhone or iPad to the Mac. Enter the device passcode if prompted. You may also be faced with a Trust This Computer prompt, in which case you should follow the instructions to complete the process.

Once that is settled your iOS device should appear in iTunes. Click on your device and then click Back Up Now. If you have sensitive data on your iPhone or iPad, you may want to check the box to encrypt your backup.

Once the backup is finished, the time of the backup will appear under Latest Backups. You can then safely eject your iOS device and unplug from your Mac.

Repeat this process regularly to prevent any data loss in the event your device is ever lost, damaged, or fails.