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How Do I Delete Newsstand From My Home Screen In iOS 5?


How can I remove Newsstand from my iPad 2?
- Asked by Rebecca O. October 18th, 2011 (Updated: November 5th, 2014)


In the first release of iOS 5, users are unable to completely remove Newsstand. The best solution is to hide Newsstand in a folder. Newsstand cannot just be dropped into any folder though, you have to sneak it in. This can be done in two steps.

Drag one app onto another app (neither can be Newsstand). This will create a folder for the two apps. As soon as you do this you should drag Newsstand into the new folder. You must ask quickly in order for this to work. Also, once Newsstand is in the folder you will not be able to open it - doing so will really confuse your iOS device.