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How Do I Fix An iPad Or iPhone With A Lost Passcode?


What do I do if I can't remember the passcode for my iPhone?
- Asked by Brody M. August 20th, 2014


There are three options to fix your iPhone or iPad if you have a lost passcode or the device is disabled.

First, you can try a restore from iTunes on your Mac. Connect your iOS device to your computer, launch iTunes, Click on Restore Backup and selected the most recent iTunes backup.

The second option is to use Find My iPhone (if you have it enabled). Login to iCloud, click on All Devices, select your device, then click "Erase". This will erase the device and its passcode.

As a final option, you can use Recovery Mode. This is the recommended course if you don't have a backup to restore to on your Mac and you do not have Find My iPhone enabled. To initiate Recovery Mode, unplug every cable from your iPhone/iPad and turn off the device. Hold down the Home button on the device and then connect to the device to iTunes on your Mac. It should turn on automatically, but if it doesn't, manually turn it on. Keep holding the Home button down the whole time until you see the Connect to iTunes message. iTunes should tell you that it's in Recovery Mode. From there just hit OK to restore the device to factory settings.