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How Do I Fix Error Code -36 In Mac OS X?


Is there a way to get rid of the DS_Store error code -36 I keep getting in the Finder?
- Asked by Ramona R. February 23rd, 2015


Launch the Terminal app on your Mac (it's inside of Applications > Utilities) and then type in the following (customized to your directory name):

dot_clean /Path/To/The/Problematic/Directory/

Once entered, hit return to run dot_clean.

If you're sure what to put in for the path to your directory, it will be in a format like "/Macintosh HD/Users/myusername/Music". You can see the path for a directory by selecting it in the Finder and going to File > Get Info (Command-I). Or you can click command-click on the name in the top middle of a Finder window to see its path.

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