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How Do I Free Up Hard Drive Space On My Mac?


How can I clear space on my Mac hard drive?
- Asked by Lauren P. June 24th, 2018


One approach we recommend when your Mac hard drive gets full is to attempt to delete any large files that you no longer need. This provides the biggest immediate gain while minimizing effort. Don't waste time painstakingly deleting single photos when you can delete one old video file that uses as much space as a thousand photos.

First, start by opening a new Finder window. If you're not sure how to do this, click on your desktop and then navigate to Finder > New Finder Window (command-N) near the top left of your screen.

From the Finder window, go to Finder > Find (command-F). Be sure to select "This Mac" and click the plus sign to surface additional filter options like Name, Kind, etc.

Mac Finder window, search by file size

Click on Name then select Other from the dropdown. Search for File Size, check the box to include it "In Menu", and click OK. Now click on Name again and select File Size from the dropdown.

We want to look for large files, so next to the File Size dropdown click on "equals" and select "is greater than". The default value is a search in KB (kilobytes). Click on KB and select MB (megabytes).

Finally, add in a value like 1000 (MB) to see all files which are greater than 1000 MB (1 GB) in size. Delete any files that you no longer need then expand the search to 500 MB to include more files. Keep slowly decreasing the size until you have deleted enough files to satisfy your needs.

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