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How Do I Hide Text Message Previews On My iPhone?


Is there a way to hide the text message preview from showing on my iPhone lock screen?
- Asked by Joseph D. December 5th, 2018


Yes, there are two solutions that will prevent text message previews from showing on an iPhone or iPad. The first option is to hide the message preview itself and still show who sent the message while the second option is to hide the notification completely.

1) Hide Text Message Previews
Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and tap on Notifications. Swipe down to the Messages app and select it. Under the Options section, tap on Show Previews, and then select Never. The name of the sender will still be shown when you receive a message.

2) Hide Text Message Notifications Completely
Open the Settings app on your iOS device and select Notifications. You can toggle Allow Notifications to completely hide text message notifications or you can simply uncheck the Lock Screen under Alerts if you wish to only hide these notifications when your device is locked.