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How Do I Remove The Weather And Stock Widgets From Notification Center In iOS 5?


How can I remove the default widgets and customize Notification Center in iOS 5?
- Asked by Roy B. October 18th, 2011


Launch the Settings app in your iOS device and select Notifications. A list of apps will appear under the heading "In Notification Center". These are the apps that currently have notifications enabled. If you would like a to remove an app like the Weather widget, just click on it. You'll notice that Notification Center is switched to On for this app. Switch it to Off and it will be removed from Notification Center.

If you would like to add an app to Notification Center, go back to the main Notifications screen in the Settings app. Scroll down to "Not In Notification Center" and select the app you would like to add. Then simply switch the Notification Center option from Off to On.