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How Do I Turn Off Screen Time On My iPhone?


Is there a way to stop iOS from tracking my Screen Time?
- Asked by Marilyn J. October 23rd, 2018


Screen Time was introduced in iOS 12 and is a convenient way to track how much time you are spending in each app. It also lets you set limits for device usage, individual app time limits, content/privacy restrictions, and even a passcode for parents looking to better control the habits of a child.

If you find Screen Time to be intrusive or want to squeeze some extra life out of your battery, the feature can be disabled via the Settings app. Launch Settings and tap on Screen Time. Swipe down to the bottom of the screen and tap on Turn Off Screen Time.

Some users report being prompted with a passcode after selecting Turn Off Screen Time. This could mean one of two things: first, a different user had access to your iPhone or iPad and set a passcode for Screen Time. The other option is that you previously had a passcode set under Restrictions in an earlier version of iOS. If so, use that same passcode here.