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How Do I Uninstall Applications In Mac OS X?


How do I delete applications from my Mac?
- Asked by Andrew L. December 23rd, 2011 (Updated: December 9th, 2014)


The first step in removing an application from your Mac is to go to the Applications folder, locate the app, and drag it to the Trash. If you have the icon in your Dock, you should remove it from there as well. The following steps are things you should check to make sure you are also removing any files associated with the application.

  • Go to Library* -> Application Support and remove any folders related to the application
  • Go to Library* -> Preferences and remove any files with the application name in them
  • Do a search for the application name to see if any other files turn up
  • Empty your Trash

* Note: there are two Library folders - one in your user folder and another inside your main hard drive folder. Check both versions of the Library folder for the steps mentioned above. If you can't see the Library folder inside your user folder (this is common in OS X Lion), go to Finder and hold down the Option key while clicking on the Go menu. The Library folder will appear in the drop down menu.