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What Is The Magic Mouse?


I've heard a lot about it but...I don't know what it is. What is a magic mouse? Why is it good?
- Asked by Jamal L. October 6th, 2010 (Updated: October 8th, 2010)


The Apple Magic Mouse is a better mouse to interact with your computer.

Why? The Magic Mouse makes controlling your computer easier. Using a smooth surface without any buttons or click wheels in the way, you'll be able to scroll through webpages, edit documents, and navigate your computer using finger gestures on the face of the mouse. If you've used an iPhone or iPod touch, the control system is similarly intuitive. You can stop clicking and start working.

In addition to improved gestural control, the Magic Mouse is wireless so you won't have to endure any tangled cords. It also uses laser tracking to be more accurate than other mouses. You can program the mouse as you wish and, in great news for Southpaws, you can even adapt it to work specifically for left-handed users.

In summary, the Magic Mouse is a simpler, more graceful mouse that's made for 21st century computing.