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What Is The Magic Trackpad?


I've seen it on the web but don't really understand the Magic Trackpad. What is it? Should I get it?
- Asked by Franklin M. October 8th, 2010


Apple's latest version of the mouse isn't a mouse at all- it's the Magic Trackpad.

The simple explanation for the Magic Trackpad is that it's like your laptop's trackpad, but as its own device. Like the Magic Mouse, the Magic Trackpad uses gestural control to bring computer navigation to a new era. As on a laptop, instead of moving a mouse around, you move your fingers on the magic trackpad to scroll through webpages, expand and contract photos, and perform other key functions. It's completely wireless and uses censors to conserve energy.

Should you get one? It's an easy question to answer. If you like navigating with your laptop's trackpad, then the Magic Trackpad is a great way to expand the space for that or add it to your desktop experience. If you're attached to a traditional mouse, the Magic Mouse may be a better choice.