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Which iPod Should I Work Out With?


I'm a runner and I usually do about five to eight miles a day. I need an iPod with me that can last through my entire run and is as small as possible. Which iPod should I work out with?
- Asked by Karen G. October 6th, 2010 (Updated: October 19th, 2010)


For most runners, the decision will be between Apple's two tiniest and lightest iPods: the iPod shuffle and the iPod nano.

Each has its own advantages. The shuffle is smaller, measuring only about a square inch, but it still holds 2GB worth of songs. It's also a good deal cheaper than the nano. Both iPods handily clip right on to your clothing. Since there's no screen, you navigate the Shuffle through buttons and "Voiceover," Apple's innovative product that reads track and playlist names aloud. Battery life and song time is more than sufficient for your run.

The main competition, for a runner, is the nano. It's slightly bigger and more expensive, but it also has a few bells and whistles you might appreciate. The screen allows you to navigate a little more easily, and more space (8GB minimum) means you'll have more songs to choose from. You'll also have an FM radio built in for the days when you don't know what to listen to. Finally, you can use the nano as a pedometer or connect it to Nike's full featured sports kit.

Both iPods are small, light, and have more than enough music for a marathon run. Which one you choose depends on how many features you need to make that jog through the neighborhood the highlight of your day.