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Why Does My Macbook Pro Say Not Charging?


So, I plug in my MacBook Pro and it says it's plugged in, but it also says "Not Charging." What's the deal?
- Asked by Kyle T. October 12th, 2010


There are a few reasons your MacBook Pro might say "Not Charging."

First and foremost, we'd recommend you go to an Apple Store and utilize Genius Bar services to get a diagnosis of your problem. If your Mac is still covered by your warranty or you have AppleCare, they'll be able to replace any faulty parts. No matter what, they should be able to diagnose it.

Sadly, Ask App Sliced can only provide anecdotal information as to what might be the problem. In our experience, based on our use of MacBook Pros and user reports, it is probably a problem with your charger. When charger cords are stretched, pulled on, or tugged, they tend to become less effective. Does pushing the cord into the charger help? Does adjusting the cord change the "charging" status? If so, you may need to get a new one. If you do, make sure you're more careful with it.

There's also a chance your battery is not functional. For a simple test, see if your MacBook Pro runs without being plugged in. That will give you an idea if the battery is the problem.