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Why Is The App Price In The App Store Different Than What I See On App Price Drops?


I was just looking at the app deal and the price on your site is different from the App Store, what gives?
- Asked by Norman D. February 21st, 2012 (Updated: February 29th, 2012)


There are a couple possible explanations for this depending on your location.

US users: We track prices for hundreds of thousands of apps. Unfortunately, because we follow so many apps we aren't able to keep our prices accurate down to the second. Sometimes there is a delay of as much as an hour before a price change in the App Store is reflected on our site. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you miss out on a great deal, please set a price alert and we will notify you once the app is on sale again!

International users: Our servers retrieve pricing data from the US version of the App Store. If an app developer schedules a price change for a date in the future, that price change goes into effect at midnight local time. For instance, Australian users could see a price change at midnight when visiting the App Store, but that change wouldn't go into effect until sixteen hours later in the US App Store (at which time App Price Drops would be updated to match the App Store). This discrepancy is only true when developers schedule price changes. If a price change is set manually it is pushed to every country at the same time (this is the case for the majority of price changes). When that occurs, our prices should be accurate within the hour. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!