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Thursday's Sales: Among The Stars, Politaire, Brass, Trader's Way, Blocks Hurt, And More

Published by App Sliced on January 10th, 2019, 9:14AM EST
In today's app sales, find big savings on space strategy game Among the Stars, poker/solitaire combo Politaire, board game Brass, stock market trading adventure Trader's Way, tower defense game Blocks Hurt, and much more below!

Among the Stars for iPhone/iPad is $4.99 (sale ended)
Blocks Hurt! for iPhone is free (previously $0.99)
Brass for iPhone/iPad is $5.99 (sale ended)
brightboombold (BBB) - Basic for iPhone/iPad is $0.99 (from $2.99)
HappyTruck: Explorer for iPhone/iPad is $1.99 (sale ended)
Illuminati Soundboard for iPhone is free (previously $0.99)
Politaire for iPhone/iPad is $0.99 (sale ended)
Trader's Way for iPhone/iPad is $1.99 (sale ended)

Photo & Video
Prof. Hornet Teleprompter Pro for iPhone/iPad/Watch is $8.99 (sale ended)

Magnifying glass HD for iPhone is $1.99 (sale ended)

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