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Friday's Sales: Realpolitiks Mobile, Le Parker Extraordinaire, Delta-V Racing, Distressed FX, Plain Today Calendar, And More

Published by App Sliced on February 8th, 2019, 9:11AM EST
Heading into the weekend, take advantage of discounts on grand strategy game Realpolitiks Mobile, hardcore classic platformer Le Parker Extraordinaire, sidescrolling racer Delta-V Racing, photo tool Distressed FX, and Mac utility Plain Today Calendar.

Today's top new releases include simulation game Idle Supermarket Tycoon and MMO strategy game Sea Game.

Delta-V Racing for iPhone/iPad is free (was $0.99)
Le Parker Extraordinaire for iPhone/iPad/TV is $0.99 (previously $1.99)
Realpolitiks Mobile for iPhone/iPad is $5.99 (sale ended)
Space Cat Star Hunter for iPhone/iPad is $0.99 (from $1.99)

Photo & Video
Distressed FX for iPhone/iPad is $0.99 (sale ended)

Linguist - Easy Translate App for Mac is $2.99 (sale ended)

Plain Today Calendar for Mac is $2.99 (sale ended)

Social Networking
Mast for iPhone/iPad/Watch is $5.99 (sale ended)

Outside for Mac is $0.99 (sale ended)

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