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Is It Safe To Buy A Mac From MacMall?


Is there any reason I should go to the Apple Store instead of shopping at Mac Mall?
- Asked by Peggy R. October 24th, 2011


MacMall is an Authorized Apple Reseller. That means MacMall is authorized by Apple to sell Macs and Apple products. Buyers receive the same Apple warranty and Apple Store perks (like Genius Bar appointments for support). MacMall prices are usually much lower than the Apple Store. Most items have free and quick shipping, so you will receive your items promptly after ordering. The only real difference between shopping at MacMall and the Apple Store is that you will save a lot of money!

Before you make any Apple related purchase, you should always check to see which Authorized Apple Reseller has the best price App Sliced! Sometimes it's MacMall, sometimes it's not.