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Should I Buy A Mac From ABT?


Is it safe for me to buy a Mac from ABT instead of the Apple Store?
- Asked by Louis G. October 31st, 2011


Yep, ABT is an Authorized Apple Reseller. So that means when you shop at ABT it's almost exactly the same as shopping at the Apple Store. You get the same Apple warranty, you can still go to classes at the Apple Store, and you can still get tech support at the Apple Store Genius Bar. The main difference is that ABT usually has better prices than the Apple Store, so you'll save money while getting great customer support and prompt (plus usually free) shipping.

Even though ABT usually beats the Apple Store, it might not be the lowest price out there. Before you buy any Mac or Apple related product, check App Sliced to see which Apple Authorized Reseller has the lowest price!